APINK – I'M SO SICK (focus/solo screen-time ranking) | 에이핑크 – 1도 없어


Which member of APINK has the most solo screen-time on their new MV for I’M SO SICK? Watch to find out!

For anyone wondering, the rules that I follow to make these kind of videos are below!
What counts as solo (or focused) screen-time:
– when only one member (any part of their body) is visible
– when only one member is clearly visible (other members may appear, but they are blurred)
– when the face of only one member is visible (other members may appear, but their face isn’t shown)
An extra rule for dancing scenes:
– when a member is in the center of the screen and zoomed in (as zoomed in counts every scene where the body below the knees isn’t shown)

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  1. I don't think you should count the objects as screen time…like the candles and keys
    Most of hayoungs time were objects

  2. Yasss!! Love it| Even though Naeun got the least lines, but she ranked 1st for the solo screen time:)))

    P.S. Taemin❤️Naeun SHIPPPPPPPPP


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