Apacer DDR4 Panther Memory Review – What is THIS?


This Panther stuff is seriously some ‘dangerously good’ ram, when I got into a sample from Apacer I was surprised at how well the memory performed and also how solid overall the build of the DIMMs were, today I review it and test it out on not only my 6800k but also my 5820k to see how well the XMP 3000mhz 16-16-16-38 @ 1.35v timings work out, and the results may surprise you, in some instances the CPU (5820k) couldn’t even keep up with the memory.

I can’t find this memory for sale anywhere at the moment, but here is more information on it –


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  1. Mr Tech City, i dont know who to ask this with but im planning to buy a GTX 1050 and pair it with my Xeon X3430. I have a power supply of 500watts and the +12v rail is at 21amps. can this run the gtx 1050?. I really need help with this 🙁

  2. is XMP profile use less if we cannot overclock CPU, for example skylake cpu on h110 series motherboard which can't overclock CPU but memory can be overclocled (H110M-K)??? Will all RAM's above 2133MHz useless for H110M series, cause I am looking to buy high clock ram sticks.

  3. im confused guys, iknow memory frequency plays a role in video editing at intensive usage, But isn't the CPU Overclocking Much Better in term of performance why would anyone lower his overclocking capability to run his Ram at higher frequency?

  4. should make a tutorial for people interested in making a budget build
    what to look for
    what to avoid
    where to look

    would be especially useful for noobs in Aus such as myself


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