Anonymous – Message to PUBG Mobile Hackers II


sإدعم القناة بتحميل الملف شكرا

Greeting Pubg Mobile players; we are anonymous;
it’s time to open your eyes.

message to Pubg mobile hackers; Anonymous represent the gamers the same gamers that treated you like garbage when you were without a script; like many other cheaters before you, all had their opportunity to be remembered and respected as pro player, most have bowed down to the true fact that this a red herring, therefore we wonder what will you do without bugs; we are here to tell you of behalf of all the clean pubg mobile players will you stop
such an act; or you’re going to be like many others who have made a great name for themselves with corruptions, remember your actions will be stopped now and anonymous

will be only to keep on the watch and expose anything we feel the people should be aware of; we do however have requests for you, as we call all the clean Pubg mobile players

to do so, and kill every hacker with you in the team with a grenade and burn him with Molotov, if you do so will get rid of 37% of the corrupted players, rest assure that this just the

beggining, and we are going to attack every channel that shows the free ways to use hack, enough is enough; this isn’t a sci-fi game and there are no winners; may you help us to

protect the game, the players, and the game repetation; only you have the power to choose your own destiny.
we are anonymous;
we are legion;
we do not forgive;
we do not forget;

expect us!


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  1. I love this. taking a fight and using it for petty complaints. its a world on the screen, exit that world then what, die?

  2. 🐰 now If I Snot Rocket on The eggs we all die! Its a Hi Pressure job. Thats why I only work one day a year.

  3. Who in the administration is invested in medical supply companies. Is that why they stood back for so long and allowed bidding wars between states to go on for so long?????

  4. Anonymous help me I found a message from a message that someone send to me I’m scared you are my only hope


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