Anno 1404 – #1 – Dream Island


Some Anno 1404 Gameplay today as Pyrion joins me for a new adventure. We begin exploring the world and Marie is eyeing up our island.

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  1. This is one of the comfiest game series you guys have done. Lewis should play it on stream more often. I saw he and Ben played last summer, I think Ben would better enjoy it if he understood it a bit more. Maybe Lewis and Pyrion should just do another series on 1404 or 1800 when it comes out

  2. "We're playing on hard mode", flashback, "hmmm, don't think this sizable island is quite sizable enough, and that big one hasn't enough mines on it", definition of "Hardmode".

  3. They should make a new Anno set in that time. It would be lovely to see my empire grow in 4K. Hardware should test it's limits with the new game.

  4. there is no GOD but ALLAH

    don't forget this your GOD name is ALLAH

    and HE is the best protector.

  5. Well, they answered my question in short order. Bad combat = bad strategy game. Managing trade routes for hours would put me to sleep. I'd rather read a book or have a nap.

    Mind you, I LOVE 4x games that don't force combat. Trade and diplomacy have there place, but combat ads to those elements. Fear of losing a trade convoy. Fear of invasion if your diplomacy fails. The satisfaction of driving that haughty rival to extinction. Without combat, you might as well be playing Mall Tycoon.

  6. was watching the lewis and duncan livestream and made me look for more anno after a 3 hours lifestream lol

  7. this is what happend in 1404:D

    June 14 – Rebel leader Owain Glyndŵr, having declared himself Prince of Wales, allies with the French against the English. He later begins holding parliamentary assemblies.
    October 17 – Pope Innocent VII succeeds Pope Boniface IX as the 204th pope.
    November 19 – A St. Elizabeth's flood: A flood of the North Sea devastates parts of Flanders, Zeeland and Holland.
    Date unknown[edit]
    Jean de Béthencourt becomes the first ruler of the Kingdom of the Canary Islands.
    Stephan Tvrtko II succeeds Stefan Ostoja as King of Bosnia.
    Peace is declared between Lithuania and the Teutonic Knights after they agree to exchange land and form an alliance against Muscovy.
    The University of Turin is founded.
    Timur is hit by a fever while preparing to invade China.
    Centurione II Zaccaria succeeds Maria II Zaccaria as ruler of the Principality of Achaea.
    Virupaksha Raya succeeds Harihara Raya II as ruler of the Vijayanagara Empire in present-day southern India.
    Narayana Ramadhipati succeeds Ponthea Yat as King of Cambodia.
    Ruaidri Caech MacDermot succeeds Conchobair Óg MacDermot as King of Magh Luirg in present-day north-east Connacht, Ireland.
    The city of Vicenza comes under the rule of the Venetians.

    January 18 – Sir Philip Courtenay, British noble (d. 1463)
    February 9 – Constantine XI, last Byzantine Emperor (d. 1453)
    February 18 – Leon Battista Alberti, Italian painter, poet, and philosopher (d. 1472)
    March 25 – (baptism) – John Beaufort, 1st Duke of Somerset, English military leader (d. 1444)
    June – Murad II, Ottoman Sultan (d. 1451)
    July 25 – Philip I, Duke of Brabant (d. 1430)
    September 10 – Gilles de Rais, French aristocrat (d. 1440)
    September 30 – Anne of Burgundy (d. 1432)
    October 14 – Marie of Anjou, queen of Charles VII of France (d. 1463)
    date unknown – Yamana Sōzen, Japanese warlord and monk (d. 1473)
    April 27 – Philip II, Duke of Burgundy (b. 1342)
    September 14 – Duke Albert IV of Austria (b. 1377)
    September 23 – Eleanor of Arborea, ruler of Sardinia (b. 1350)
    September 27 – William of Wykeham, English bishop and statesman (b. 1320)
    October 1 – Pope Boniface IX (b. 1356)
    October 15 – Marie Valois, French princess (b. 1344)
    December 13 – Albert, Count of Holland (b. 1336)

  8. First island they come to could not possibly have better starting conditions. Pyrion doesn't like the island for no reason and they spend 10 minutes sailing around only to ultimately return to that island and settle down. Facepalm


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