Anne Pro 2 RGB Wireless Mechanical Keyboard – Unboxing & Review


Anne Pro 2:
$69.99 for Anne Pro2: ea82b4
Kailh Box version coming soon :

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  1. Info on the Kailh Box switches cracking keycaps :

    Change keycaps with caution, as I don't think that these current Anne Pro 2's would have the retooled switches. Future models may be updated.

    Also, there's no Bluetooth dongle like the old Anne Pro 🙁

  2. Most people get keyboards for their looks and throughout the box, me… I'm the complete opposite

  3. What’s the difference between Kalih browns and gateron browns, I bough the gateron cause I didn’t really know about kalih

  4. oh that tap key is actually perfect because i capitalize letters with leftshift not rightshift so i dont have to wait a bit every sentence.

  5. I took the risk and went for the kailh box brown switches. So far I'm enjoying typing on this a lot more than I expected!

  6. My anne pro 2 doesn't work. I think it because when i was updating it in their software my cousin exit it out and that the reason why it stop working or is it just my usb c cable?? I NEED HELP 1

  7. yo tae i wanted to ask about the extra keycaps that u get can u buy them seperate anywhere if yes could i plz have a link to it? much love subbed

  8. When I go on the link for the keyboard it shows 107$, but in the link it says 69$. Is it because I’m in Canada and the price is Canadian?

  9. Hello there my friends!

    My Anne Pro 2 light settings are reseting to default everytime I reboot the PC. Does anyone know how to save the settings so I don't have to turn RGB on and choose patterns manually everytime?

    Another issue with my board: keys for increasing and lowering brightness (FN2 + F11 or F12) are not working. Are you guys having the same issues?


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