Anker Soundcore Flare Review: The speaker to get this summer


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The Anker Soundcore Flare might be the speaker to beat this summer. It’s waterproof, inexpensive, and has a much better design than any of the previous Soundcore speakers.

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  1. You kids kill me! The dumbest things are important to you. Help us out a little by comparing it to the two top brands. How many watts is it? Is it one speaker or multiple? How long does the battery last? How does it sound out side? Things that matter man.

  2. I just got the Flare+ today and have been unable to get the bluetooth to work on both my s8 android phone and my laptop. Granted my laptop isn't bluetooth accessible but I have a dongle connector that my Bose works pretty ok with though sometimes has trouble finding. I'm just glad it has an aux port or else that $99 will have been for nothing! Any ideas on how to get the bluetooth up and running? I've tried trouble shooting and restarting my laptop and I even tried downloading the app but again it wouldn't connect even with my phone so I couldn't do anything with the app.

  3. How about compared it with Tribit 360° waterproof speaker:

  4. Yeah but they've JBL pulse the first version I have that stuff for over 5 years now and it still works perfect just like I bought it yesterday and that was $200 when I first got it and the sound quality in the bass and everything is amazing Anker soundcore 2.0 is pretty good as well database is really good on that one of the representatives from Anker she told me about flare she said his really good too

  5. You can update the firmware by pairing it with an android device. I had the same problem then I tried it with an android tablet and it worked.

  6. It takes me a couple tries to get the charging tab (I have short nails, takes 2-3tries)but that's like my only issue with it. Personally idc about the button thing he mentioned in beginning, it works fine for me


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