Anker PowerCore+ Portable chargers Review


Charge your phone any where, any time even during power outages. I review the PowerCore+ and show the charging of a phone, a tablet, and small action camera. This is a sample of how any of the powercore units work. It is advertised to be able to give 4 charges to regular size phones. For Plus size phones like my iPhone 6 Plus maybe 3 charges. For mini tablets maybe 3 and a little more charges. But the larger tablets like my iPad Air maybe one charge or less. That is why I would suggest for larger tablets to get a PowerCore of 20,000 or more.
I paid $30. for the PowerCore+ 10,050 at Walmart. I tried to get the PowerCore 20,100 from both Anker and Amazon and neither company would ship it to Hawaii I think because of the size of the battery.
It is a well built unit that performs perfectly. It is a little slippery to handle so be carefull not to drop it. But then a lot of electronic devises are that way.
Note that the three devises I charged in the video did not have completly drained batteries. Never the less, I saw that they were charged back to full in less time then when in the past I charged them with their wall chargers from about the same percentages.


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