Anker PowerCore Best USB Battery Bank of 2016


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  1. yes these are. i have the powercore 20,000 with qc 3.0 and 2 usb ports and gifted 2 of the powercore 10000's that do qc 3.0 also. really great power banks and outstanding prices, size and build quality.

  2. I have the 20,000 is it ok to charger overnight? Both leaving my phone on the bank overnight and leaving the bank plug into the wall overnight?

  3. I LOVE Anker, I know this video was 2 years ago, but ai just got the new 1, the 20000 speed pd 1, it’s a beast!!! USB c with my IPhone XS Max is a dream!!! Great video

  4. If I want to load the bank during the night, can I connect my phone also, so that both are loaded at the same time in the night?

  5. Much like you I have tested many battery packs and the ankers are far superior build quality they just hold up better I've got every single model bought my kids some me and my wife and the anker car chargers are amazing as the docks I also have have 5 6 port USB dock stations in my house if anyone don't know you can get a anker 6 port lite dock station at Walmart for 19.95 same as the car charger these are well built and will be the last charger you will have to buy they are better than oems and great for maintaining your batteries life in your devices. Love the video would like to see more people getting the anker name out there I think every house hold needs there products

  6. Hi new subscriber to your channel hope you don't mind me asking but would the Anker 21watt solar charger charge these battery banks thanks and keep up the great uploads.

  7. Excellent video. Thank you. You mention a MIke Tanner vidoe showing how to mount one to a tripod. Can't find thiat. Would you pleae provode the link? Thanks

  8. I've got tons of the anker packs and I love them. buuuut I love LOVE my ravpower packs as well. ive got 3 of the biggest ones and they are awesome

  9. hey brother is there a solar power bank you would recommend for hiking/camping that is somewhat phone size or a bit bigger

  10. i love you man great bid tou just sealed the deal and various hours of researching and being undecisive as to wether to go with anchor or not. There really isnt any newer videos were youtubers go over powerbanks in 2017 lul

  11. I like the Anker power packs. Great video Living Survival. But I use an Antigravity XP1 12K-mha because I need a EDC 12v motorcycle jumper. It can be recharged by my PowerFilm 30w solar panel(15V output). Its 8amp 12v output can drive up to 4 of my Opus 100 battery rechargers in parallel. It can jump a car/bike with 200 amp output. Yeah that means fast drain batteries but I haven't had any issue with them running down over many months of sitting ideal. I can recharge 5v USB items and 19v laptops and anything 1 tp 12v up to 8 amps. All this for .8 lbs of weight. I think the Anker 13K-mha is .6 lbs. Which is lighter but not near the versatility. Im closer to 1 lb if I carry jumper cables, buck converts, and usb cables. 2 lbs if I'm carrying solar and opus rechargers. But I still think its the way to go for a bug out situation.

  12. I do the same thing with my battery banks – always have one ready for charging my phone/tablet. I use another brand though. Hehehe…


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