Anker PowerCore+ 26800 Quick Charge Battery Review


A battery that can charge 3 devices at once with quick-charge ability and lightning cables to go along with it. In this video we take a look at this seriously large battery to take on the go.


PowerCore+ 26800 Battery:

PowerLine Lightning Cables:

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  1. Hi thank you for the video , I am looking for a power bank to use with my Dash cam would this product do the job Many thanks Alan

  2. any heating issues>?? does it support fast charrging?? also when not in use does the power bank keeps the charging capicity saved with any wastage? and can it charge 2 phones together faster??

  3. But does the quick charge always work? My Anker 20100 randomly drops the ball when I need it the most.

    Just today, my phone was down to 36% and it was break even charging for 2 hours straight. And after that (when I stopped using my phone so it could actually gain %s) it was charging at a painfully slow 5%/hour.


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