Anker PowerCore+ 26800 Portable Battery – Monster Power in Your Pocket [Review]


Anker PowerCore+ 26800 Battery. Full review at . The Anker PowerCore+ 26800 is a solid, impecably constructed portable power bank which has enough juice on tap to charge up your phone around 6 times, and your tablet around 3 times. Which means it has a huge capacity. Not only that, it’s also ridiculously small, which means that it’s very pocket friendly. Heavy yes, but still the right size to pop into your jacket for a weekend of mains free joy.

One of the key things about Anker is the use of IQ charging intelligence, which means that the unit detects which type of device you have plugged in, and charges it at the optimum speed. That typically means very fast, if it’s a later model phone or tablet.

The PowerCore+ sits at the top of the power scale but definitely at the top of the portability chart. Mind you, it’s heavy at 590g, but hey you can’t have everything. The unit also sports a QC socket (the green one) which means super duper ultra fast charging if you plug in a Qualcomm compatible QC device (phone, tablet etc, such as Samsung Galaxy S6 et al).

This is the power block for power block maniacs. It’s got a huge capacity, charges so fast your socks melt, and is small enough to fit into the most elegant handbag. Although you might walk with a limp for a while until you get used to the weight. What else is there to say. We love the smooth sleek design, the power indicator on the button is perfect for judging how much power you have left, and the build quality makes us very happy indeed. If you’re looking for a monster charge block, this is the one to get if you can afford it.

Price: $79.99 / £49.99

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