Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB / USB-C Type-C External Battery Review


Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Anker has a USB-C battery that can charge the new Macbook or other Type-C compatible laptops along with two other USB devices.

In this video I demonstrate the battery charging three high drain devices: an iPad, an Android Tablet, and a new Macbook.

See Google engineer Benson Yeung’s USB-C guie here:

The Powercore+ 20100 comes equipped with two USB ports and a third type-c port that does double duty both as an input for charging the battery and an output for charging a laptop. Make sure to turn the battery on otherwise your laptop will drain and charge the battery!

This is another high quality product from Anker. Consider this over more generic brands.

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  1. I connected it to my MacBook usb c 2017, with the 2 sided usb-c cord coming with the box, it seems that my Mac is charging the power bank and not the other way around. What should I do?

  2. Thanks for explaining that it needs to be on before using the USB-C port to charge a device – I was confused as to why my device was charging the battery

  3. 1:08 This will not output 3 amps from the USB-A ports. Those ports are rated up to only 2.4 amps. The only port that outputs 3 amps is the USB-C port.

  4. So even tho this has the USB C port, it will not push 3A to a Nexus 5X or 6P? Just somewhere along the lines of 2A +? I'd like to find a battery pack that will push the full 3A for these phones via certified USB-C

  5. Hey Lon, great video man. Would you recommend this portable battery for the Moto X Pure, due to the fact that it charges with Turbo Charging?

  6. its funny because i brought this excact power brick to charge my 12inch macbook but if i connect it up via the cable the macbook recognises it and shows the charging symbol but will cut off after a few minutes and wont charge it. If i shut the laptop down it will then charge it….? weird?

  7. Lon, I have a couple Anker products, they work well and have a great warranty. I really like the Portable Jump Starter they make. Amazing that I can jump start a V8 Truck with something roughly the size of a deck of cards. You should do a review, plus we can see your garage LOL

  8. Can you really fully charge a Macbook from dead state once or twice with this battery pack or did you mean the iPad Air?

  9. if I have a windows tablet with USB-c charging (45w charger) , can it be charged with other less powerful usb-c chargers ? (like the car chargers I only found 36w USB-c car chargers , or battery banks like the one on the video )


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