Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB Battery Bank


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  1. how many times can I charged my iphone 6s+ on this anker model?? i am a truck driver so am on the road alot! i want to get this model but i heard the 26800 model might be better, what is the difference?? please help

  2. Hi I'm looking four some suff what people don't youse enythink will do like knifes tarps cards parsells plz send suff if u will my FB is Anthony Robinson New add me I'm from uk

  3. yea , I don't dance with the devil either, meaning Facecrook. Good luck to those who dance. But I will check this out , if it's in your store on Amazon. The Lumsing 13400mah you recently reviewed , only charges my Samsung Note 5 , 3 times from 40% power to full.

  4. I want to win this battery bank because I will travel with my school and I hope to charge my smartphone with the battery bank and I come from Indonesian and I always see your video because I think very useful

  5. I'm getting sick of all this high tech/ always having to change to the next best thing shit. I'm ready to go back to the Green Acres way,.. where you had to climb a telephone pole, and talk to a switchboard operator if you wanted to make a call. That said,.. I love my Anker powercore 20100 original, and believe these guys make the best battery related gear on the market!

  6. Great review Ben. I was unaware of this new USBC technology. Looks like a great upgrade. Liked, shared, and all that good stuff.

  7. Me likey. Me want haha. Just entered on Facebook thanks for the info. Can't wait to see more videos on your other channel. C yea 🐾🐾

  8. Another good job on the video. I will look into a new back up battery pack after I replace my stolen EDC pack. I am starting over and after I replace a pack, knife, fire kit and other essentials, a backup battery pack will be on the list. And I will do all that after I get over being pissed and replacing a car window. Window covered by insurance but not so much the EDC/GHB. Ken T


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