Animal 4D augmented reality cards


Have you ever wanted to hold an elephant in the palm of your hand? Animal 4D+ is an interactive augmented reality creation. One pack of cards consists of 26 illustrated cards representing each alphabet letter from A to Z + 1 instruction card.

Anyone with a phone or tablet can bring this Augmented Reality circus to life by just downloading ‘Animal4D+’ app from the App Store or Google Play for free. 4D+ Animal flashcards show virtual animals in Augmented Reality. Flashcards are no longer boring, not only can the user learn from the facts and information, they can also witness the images come to life.
Place the cards side by side, and explore the alphabet as never seen before. Many animals can be viewed simultaneously, and for instance you can have a virtual zoo at home! Animal 4D+ is taking educational experiences to a brand new level. Users of all ages could enhance their learning abilities through fun, interactive media. Touch, turn the screen, explore and observe!

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