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FIX API for Algorithmic Traders – Anatomy of the FIX Protocol, brought to you by Darwinex:

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This tutorial discusses preliminary concepts involved in algorithmic trading via the FIX API, including:

1) FIX Protocol Architecture

— Session Layer – connectivity, handshaking, data integrity & message sequencing

— Application Layer – order execution, market data subscription, other business-specific functionality, etc

— FIX Connection Types (Pricing, Trading)

2) FIX Field Structure (name, number, value, e.g. 8=FIX.4.4)

3) FIX Message Structure (Standard Header, Message Body, Standard Trailer)

4) Future FIX API tutorials planned for viewers.

If you haven’t already, please watch the first video in this series, here:

By the end of this tutorial, viewers will hopefully have developed enough of an understanding of the above concepts, to enable them to proceed with FIX trading application development using the FIX protocol (subject matter planned for future tutorials in this video series).


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