Amber Heard Body Language in Regard to Johnny Depp Allegations


This video is based on the body language of Amber Heard and the allegations that Jonny Depp was an abuser. This video is used in fair use and is a …



  1. We need more women like the one across the table from Amber. I’m tired of this whole “women sticking together even when they suspect/or know that the other woman is in the wrong” bullshit. I see it all the time and it pisses me off because women act like that attitude is virtuous but it’s not

  2. Felt exhausted even just watching her. The fakeness is just overflowing. It's disgusting how she uses anti-domestic violence advocacy to save her reputation and not actually care about the cause or the thousands of victims out there suffering.

  3. WAIT, SHE FCKN WON?! How is that even possible?!?!? And I just lost the last little bit of faith I had in our justice system.. smh praying for you Johnny!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  4. She’s a terrible actor this is so obviously fake tears, fake everything…how does she get acting jobs?

  5. As a woman, I can say (with full confidence) that I will NEVER stand shoulder to shoulder with Amber Heard….she is a liar and an abuser. She has done nothing but destroy the "Me Too" movement, like most of the celebrities involved.

  6. I understand the women but the awkwardness isn’t necessary in these talks. I’m annoyed by the women making it obvious showing disdain to Amber and sizing her up.

    Why even invite her to speak of what they welcomed she believes in. if there’s disdain already. Why welcome her input yet show rejection. That’s for another type of show. Like one who’s opposing her.

    Ambers already stressed and not ready for all this honest or not.


  7. This woman is a disgrace towards women abused or not and obviously lying for money and fame and obviously she is the abuser here NOT Johnny Depp.Her acting career should END now because its so bad.

  8. She absolutely disgusts me… there are real victims and she is negating their pain and struggles for her own benefit. People like that hurt any movement they attach themselves to. Can’t wait until the trial and it is proven in court.

  9. The critical lady in the second interview has been abused herself. She's a known business woman/celeb in the Netherlands. Olcay the critical lady, knows what abuse actually feels and looks like. She shared her story many times. Also Dutch people are very realistic, so that might be why she is so skeptical about Amber.

  10. Thank God that she hasn't gotten pregnant yet!!
    She said in one of the tapes when Johnny asked her to stop being violent with him. She said she gets "blackout rages!!"
    A child will do something to piss her off & she won't have control to not hurt him/her!!
    She needs to get herself permanent birth control!!
    She committed domestic violence before too!!
    She seems to flit from one wealthy man to another. Elon Musk doesn't know how lucky he is to get this nightmare of a female out of his life!!
    Unless she gets some serious counseling, she will keep abusing both sexes.
    As Judge Judy says, "Beauty fades but dumb is forever!!

  11. The woman being critial and asking her if she's happy is a woman who survived domestic violence in her home growing up with an abusive father. She KNOWS what it's like. But she's also someone who can't be fooled.

  12. I don't believe anything this woman says. She is an actress a and narcissist. She only cards about herself. When will the meds said up . This woman needs to go.

  13. she is an ashkenazi jew . they will deceive and lie to get to their goals. she planned this all the way down from the first time she met johnny depp. it was all about making financial gains. she wasnt the only one behind the curtains..she got help from people.. she was preparing this court accusations etc. dont be naive ppl.. she is dangerous.. and makes use of the white women privilige in america. the elite know they play along.

  14. She's a MUCH better actress when she's ACTING than when she's LYING! It's comical how bad she is when she tries to paint herself as an abuse victim. I really liked her in several of her movies, but her deposition and this video are so insincere. It was also obvious in the audio tapes that she wasn't sincere. She is the worst example I've ever heard of a gaslighter and abuser. She deserves to be destroyed in the same way that she sought to destroy others.

  15. I have nothing but contempt for this woman. She has done other women (who really have been abused) no favours what so ever.

  16. I didn't believe her even before anything happened. This woman is a crazy manipulative b word and I would not be surprised if she manipulated these"powerful men" into her bed. Even Johnny still loves her even after all this!!!! Now that's diabolical shit.

  17. Why can't she look straight into the camera? she keeps looking away like she's hiding something, I'm no professional but that's what it looks like to me


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