Age of Empires II: HD Edition [AoE:2 HD] on Mac OS X


Age of Empires II: HD Edition [AoE:2 HD] on Mac OS X by TeslaStormX. How to get AoE2HD on your Mac OS X using PlayOnMac which is a free software that you can download. I didn’t test this with other videos and i’m not going to use my mac as my primary gaming computer. I used OBS to record my mac. Message me if you have any other question.

IF YOU UPDATE THE GAME, you have to go back into the Files and change the name of the files again.
Change the file names to make the game work after you update the game.
1. Launcher.exe to LauncherBAK
2. AoE2 HD.exe to Launcher.exe
Exactly in the video at 3:50

NOTE: if there is a file called “Launcher.exe” AND also LauncherBAK already in the content folder, then delete LauncherBAK and then rename the “Launcher.exe” to LauncherBAK Both Launcher.exe and AoE2 HD.exe should have ICONS change the names of these files like previously mentioned.

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  1. When I start a game I get a "Fatal error Failed to load texture file:
    C:Program filesSteamsteamappscommonAge2HDresources_commonterraintextureswaternormal0.png" anyone have a fix for this?

  2. im trying this, at 3:34 when I run steam I get an error but then it doesn't launch. anyone else have this problem? Can't get past this step. I'm on Mac OS Sierra

  3. Hi, I just followed all your instructions for this. Get the steam all set up and game installed on my MacBook.

    Click on play, the load icon comes up with sync on it.

    Then the game stops running before it loads.

    Any idea what I can do to solve this?

    Edit: also when I try to rename the local files, it instantly switches back to original names

  4. It's not working for me. It'll start up but when I try to go into a game, it says "Failed to load texture…." What am I doing wrong?…

  5. I got steam n got the game, but why I go to every page with the play on mac n my computer say it caint find the site?

  6. I always get stuck on loading animation when trying to create a virtual drive – such as in 1:31 and it keeps on going forever.. 🙁 any suggestions?

  7. TeslaStormX – great video and guide, thanks much! Facing the same problem as others – when the error pops up in opening steam, I press next and nothing happens. any idea how to fix? much appreciated…

  8. The game opens but then a Validating Subscripts screen appears and reads registering local mods, enumerating mods from steam workshop, published mods enumerated :0 game managed mods published :0 any ideas its been running that screen with a timer for a while no change

  9. Works on High Sierra 10.13.3. If you can't manage to install steam, just install it through looking for Steam in the PlayOnMac libraries.

  10. If you did exactly what @TeslaStormX did and nothing happens when you try to start it…do the following:
    – Go again to configure and change the Wine-Version to 'system'
    – Install the new things PlayOnMac is telling you
    – Now it should work

  11. so i followed the instructions up to where steam is supposed to show up on Play on Mac. i'm logged into steam. i can't run because steam isn't on screen. has anyone encountered this issue?

  12. Not sure if you are still getting comments from this or not but i think this video is great and super easy to follow and I'm not a tech person at all. Thanks for the guide.

  13. Worked for me today on Sierra 10.12.6. Keyboard wouldn't work in game so changed wine to use windows 10 instead of 7 and worked with the keyboard.

  14. Anyone know how to get the Multiplayer to Work? Mine just says "attempting to connect if doesn't in 15 sec…"

  15. I understand what to do if you accidentally let the game update, but what about when Wine updates?

    Now, when the steam desktop icon is clicked, nothing happens.

  16. I'll get the error message but steam won't launch after it updates, any ideas for a solution?

    Great video by the way!

  17. After purchasing the game when i get to "browse local files" to change the EXE file and other steps from minute 4 on, no files are there. i cant event click what files to browse. When i tried to select install game it says incompatible platform. What step did i miss?


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