Adobe Photoshop Pixelated Text | How to Fix Jagged & Pixelated Text in Photoshop


GSmanimsmart gives a tutorial on how to fix pixelated text in Adobe Photoshop with some easy solutions and even an Illustrator vector solution.
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If you’ve used Photoshop or GIMP to a good extent you’ve probably run into pixelated or jagged text. Adobe Photoshop pixelated text can be easily fixed with several different methods. One of these is working on a bigger document, which is always something you want to aim for. The higher the resolution, the less likely text will be pixelated, but apart from that there are a few other things you can do fix pixelated text in Photoshop. Hope you enjoy this how to fix pixilated text in Photoshop tutorial and remember to subscribe for more Adobe tutorials.

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  1. Super helpful information in this video – thank you! More Adobe Photoshop vs. Illustrator videos would be appreciated! Thank you.

  2. nice video, i really appreciated it. so what you're saying is, if you need your text unpixalated, you should use large scale canvis, large scale text, then use this same text, by minimizing it, for your average business card, flyers, and other docs? 🤔

  3. Why on earth would someone who can use Illustrator (the right tool) drag the file into Photoshop (the wrong tool)?

    Text in Illustrator is very similar to text in Powerpoint unless you want to get into more advanced features, in which case…you're learning Illustrator.

    Just use the right tool to begin with. You'll learn a lot more from a 7:34 video on Illustrator than from this. Or heck, google vector vs. raster and learn in under a minute.

  4. For everyone who's saying he talk too much….he's not the problem, YOU are….Because all of adobe programs are complicated bich.

  5. Anti-Aliasing… You are a here!! My god, so easy to fix this once you know what to fix. As simple as a check-box. Thank you!!

  6. Not your fault of course, but all these things still don't work & I am at a loss & on a deadline. F*%K! ….sigh : (


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