20 Sword Fighting Anime Series You Have to Watch!


This is Another list of the Top samurai anime series that contains various sword fighting styles, battle clashes, and epic swords sounds that ignites the flames of bravery and heroism.
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Hey Anime Fans;

In this list you will absolutely come across both classic anime series like Rurouni Kenshin and modern ones such as Kimetsu no Yaba.

Do you enjoy EPIC sword battles? Did you wanna be a Samurai Warrior when you grow up? Well you’re in luck.

Therefore, just be sure to binge watch all of these tv shows! and you will thank me later!

So, Welcome to Anime Browser. Let’s get the party started!
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  1. Can you make your watermark smaller, please Its blocking the studio name and some of the genres, Its a generic run of the mill top 10/20 that everyone has already watched no one's going to steal it or care enough to steal it and if someone does who gives a duck?

  2. Hakuouki 😍😍😍😍😍 I've also watched Bleach, Brave 10, Basilisk, Noragami, Sword of the Stranger, Sword Art Online (only the first season) and I have Samurai 7 and Gintama on the to-watch list

  3. Here's The List of Anime That I Watched From This Video
    1. Mushibuyou
    2. Sword Art Online
    3. Samurai Champloo
    4. Kimetsu No Yaiba


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