2 Approaches to Drawing Animals at the Zoo with PROKO!


Aaron & Proko go to the ZOO!! Take a look at the drawings and animals that they observed and listen as Aaron explains their different approaches. While there …



  1. Hi, thanks for the tips and congrats for great drawings. Could you tell me what kind of camera do you use for film what are you drawing please? Thanks a lot¡¡¡

  2. James Gurney, Aron Blaise, and Proko are maybe one of this century's most celebrated inspiring artists-teacher and we are so lucky that we are able to follow them on youtube and learn from the best. I will always just be an amateur artist because I started very late in my life to draw and paint. when I was 10 years old I sold out on big cat oil paintings but life happened and I took a very looooog break and began first to paint and draw again when I was late in my forties. Now I enjoy painting anything and everything, from cityscapes to landscapes, portraits, and wildlife and I also love storytelling and creating my own cartoons. Thank you for being my guide and my inspiration and thank you for being you, you got an awesome personality.

  3. WOW, WOW, WOW. Two of my favourite artists and as an animal lover this is a fantastic video all round. I love you guys! The extra special ending seeing that beautiful interaction at the end just topped it off. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents.

  4. Hey Aaron, ive learned a lot from your videos and hope to learn more. You mentioned in this video about learning the animals anatomy. Do you mean the parts that make up the animal, muscle, bone structure or just overall. Any tips on best practices learning anatomy of animals? For someone like me that wants to get better at drawing animals/creatures. Any advice appreciated.👍

  5. "Put some beauty back into the world, because that's what we need to do as artists." That's my favorite line from the whole video. 🙂 And also, I loved the part with the chimp watching the drawing (I studied anthropology in college so primates are especially fascinating to me). Thanks to you both for doing this video. -A

  6. I enjoyed watching both videos gave me some insight n how to do animal gesture better by thinking about their anatomy

  7. I love this video so much! I watched the one on Proko’s channel too. I used to draw a lot of animals when I was younger, but now I mostly draw people. This helped me remember how fun it was and it got me drawing them again, I still have difficulty with the anatomy of animals and expecially proportions… So it was helpfull how you approached drawing them


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