【SUB】Trailer: "Real Life Barbie Doll" Dance Mentor LISA "人间芭比“舞蹈导师LISA | Youth With You 青春有你2| iQIYI


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“Youth With You” is launching on iQIYI soon with different subtitles~
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  1. Lisa wrote in English, speaks English and Thai in the show, speaks Korean, a little bit Japanese, learning Chinese and French, can understand a little bit Vietnamese 😱 The mind of this girl is awesome 😳

  2. Aside from her story, I cried for her handwriting. It's like a grade school student's writing and it's so adorable!!! 😭💕

  3. นางฟ้าที่แสนดีของเราาาา รักเธอเสมอนะไอ่ต้าว .I'm always support you. lisa

  4. It's a very difficult decision to leave your family at such a tender age for pursuing passion. Being homesick is a terrible thing no matter how much you deny the fact. She had to endure alot. I am glad that she didn't gave up or less I wouldn't have been introduced to such a beautiful person

  5. Hello lisa thanks for giving your advice i will try to follow them i want to be a singer i think i can fulfil my dream love you😍

  6. LISA is an idol who inspire us and is such a humble person and thanks to her not giving up for hate comments about her and the way she inspires people is such a great way and that show us she see the positive way and I’m so proud be be a blink and honor of being a fan of her
    GO LISA 💛💜


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